THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST ADVANCED CHARGERS ON THE MARKET TO DATE. YOU WILL NOT FIND MORE FEATURES FOR THE MONEY. ALL CHARGING LEADS ARE INCLUDED LIKE TRAXXAS HIGH CURRENT, JST 1-2 (RX PACK) GLOW IGNITER, DEANS, TAMIYA STANDARD, THE NEW EC3, ETC. A TEMP SENSOR IS INCLUDED TO PROTECT THE BATTERY FROM OVERHEATING DURING A CHARGE/DISCHARGE CYCLE. YOU CAN MONITOR THE CHARGE CYCLE FROM YOUR COMPUTER WITH THE INCLUDED USB INTERFACE. A 2X 2 CELL OR 2X 3 CELL TWIN CHARGING ADAPTER IS AVAILABLE TO CHARGE 2 LIPOS AT 1 TIME. I CAN ALSO MAKE CUSTOM ADAPTERS TO CHARGE 2X 6 CELL NIMH OR 2X 7 CELL NIMH AS WELL. PLEASE ASK IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CHARGING 2 BATTERIES AT 1 TIME FOR CUSTOM ADAPTER PRICING. UNIT IS BRAND NEW AND FULLY TESTED BEFORE SHIPPING. THE PICTURE SHOWS THE PLASTIC FILM STILL ON THE LCD. THIS UNIT DOES NOT COME FROM THE FACTORY WITH TRAXXAS HC, EC3, OR A TAMIYA CONNECTOR. I MAKE THEM ALL AND INCLUDE THEM FOR THE MOST COMPLETE CHARGER AVAILABLE. YOU MAY FIND THIS CHARGER FOR LESS BUT IT WILL NOT INCLUDE ANY MODERN CHARGING ADAPTERS, TECH SUPPORT, OR A FULL WARRANTY. Specification Operating voltage: DC 11~18 volts Charge/discharge power: max. 50/5 Watts NiCd/MH: 1~15 cells LiIo/LiPo/LiFe: 1~6 series Pb: 2~20V Charge current: 0.1 to 5.0A Discharge current: 0.1 to 1.0A No. of cycle: 1 to 5 times Battery data memory: up to 5 stored battery profiles Weight: 260g Dimension: 140*95*28mm Computer USB port Temperature sensor port and probe included! Built in AC adapter Optimized operating software When charging or discharging, the smart charger offers an AUTO function that sets the feeding current or the cell count of the Lithium battery automatically. For Lithium batteries, this can prevent an over-charging situation which can lead to an explosion should the user not set the program correctly. Every program in the unit is programmed with safety monitoring to validate the user information to ensure maximum safety. These parameters can be set by the user. High-power and high-performance circuit The smart charger employs a circuit that has maximum output power of 50W. As a result, the smart charger can charge or discharge up to 15 cells of NiCd/NiMH and 6 series of Lithium batteries with maximum current of 5.0A. Individual voltage balancer for Lithium batteries inside Built into the smart charger is an individual-cell-voltage balancer. No external balancer is needed when charging Lithium batteries (LiIo/LiPo/LiFe) for balance charging. Balance individual cells on discharge The smart charger also can monitor and balance individual cells of the Lithium battery pack during the discharge process, as well as the charge process. If the voltage of any one cell varies abnormally, the process will be stopped with the error message. Accept various types of Lithium battery The smart charger can accept three types of Lithium batteries - LiIo, LiPo and LiFe. They have different characteristics by their chemistry, such as minimum, maximum, and charge termination voltages. Lithium battery Fast and Storage mode The smart charger offers additional Lithium programming. Fast charge reduces the charging time of the Lithium battery and the Storage mode controls the final voltage of the battery to be suit for long time storage. Data store/load 5 data of different batteries programs can be stored and retrieved. These data files can be retrieved at any time you need them without reprogramming. Cyclic charging/discharging The smart charger can perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge>discharge or discharge>charge for battery break in/refreshing and balancing. PC based analysis using USB communication For the advanced user, the smart charger INCLUDES a PC based program that can analyze the characteristic of the battery through the computers USB port. The software will graph voltage, current, capacity and temperature curves. It also shows the individual voltages of each cell in the Lithium battery pack. Back-light LCD screen Include LCD display Robust outer aluminum case High-quality aluminum case is durable and very efficient to cool out the internal heat Advanced temperature sensor cable port (sensor cable included!) A temperature probe contacting the surface of the battery to monitor the battery temperature during charging can be used Newest ce firmware:
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